Alternative Lefkada Activities Cooking Classes

Delightful hands-on cooking classes and dinner in Lefkada.

Are you ready for fun and Greek experiences in a relaxing environment? Are you prepared to share our great, enthusiasm for cooking?
We will be most delighted in hosting you in our magical garden cuisine, offering you the chance to enjoy the always pleasing Greek hospitality while giving you a deep insight into our small secrets of Mediterranean food and ingredients that make a huge different in taste!!
We will make our best to make sure that you leave Lefkada having gained new friends aquired the Art of Mediteranean cuisine and tasted a real Greek dinner and transfer this knowledge to your homeland and your beloved ones.
At the end of the evening you will have learnt how to cook traditional Greek dishes. You will have fun cooking together with other few participants, you will have the chance to taste different varieties of the best olive oil and local honey, and above all you will enjoy your delicious dinner in a relaxing setting with the sounds of Greek music!
If your passion is sweets we have great news for you. We invite you for a memorable evening in our garden cuisine to learn how to cook the most famous Greek sweets and taste it together with your new friends. The art of making Greek coffee will be shared with you too.
Looking forward to meeting you from close!!!

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